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Hi, my name is Alex but you can call me Axle or AZAxle (Alex works too). I am a 26 year old gamer from Phoenix, AZ where you bake cookies in your car as a snack.

I have gamed ever since I was young on pc and mac. I think the first game I seriously thought was pure gaming fun was Bugdom. Otherwise I played a ton of Backyard Sports games. My gaming took flight when my siblings and I were introduced to Civilization II. Since then I have been adding more and more games to my collection as well as a PS2, Wii, and PS4. 

I currently play Strategy games and Simulators. From Final Fantasy to OOTP to Mad Games Tycoon I play anything and everything. My Steam library currently has over 450 games without additional launchers holding maybe 25+. I'm always on the lookout for new games to play and co-op with others.

You can find me on steam with the same username (AZAxle) and twitter (@AZAxle).