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No Misunderstandings Sir!

So...I'm pretty sure you are aware of the hilarity and absolutely frustrating news and happenings that have occurred during the release and subsequent days of No Man's Sky. Wether you love the game or hate it, the release of NMS has definitely been exciting. The community of NMS is a fantastic and vibrant one; allowing the game to be downloaded and played by over 200k+ people on release day via steam stats. It's massive open world gameplay captivated the imaginations of thousands while its lighthearted open arms approach was easy to learn and master.

However, the game hasn't been the most honest. Many things that were discussed, requested, stated, and/or promised are not in the game on release. The game was released smoothly on PS4, but the PC release was a mess. Thankfully the 10 person studio that is Hello Games managed a PC patch a few days after release that helped relieve most of those. Issues were mostly massive frame rate drops on all types of GPU's and CPU's. So why all the drama? If you have time go ahead and watch this 5 minutes video...i can wait...


Now my first request is for you understand that this interview was done on June 10th 2014...over 2 years ago. It sounds like a completely different game back then. Yes it still has the exploration focused gameplay but they talk about trading and fighting being "options" that you can play. As if you can choose a class or something. Unfortunately that is not the case. Everyone fights sentinels on the planets surfaces and there are space pirates but nothing close to what Eve, Elite, or even Star Citizen are ambitiously pushing as "combat". Trading, i don't even know he exactly means by that, is only part of the game in you buying and selling resources and technologies from traders. In fact after watching about 8 hours of people playing No Man's Sky on twitch I have realized that the game is much more of a survival game than an exploration combat.

The only reason I have a gripe with this game isn't because its a poor game. NMS is a fantastic SP game about exploring a galaxy that gives you over 100 million planets on average per player to explore. This means you will never run out of planets to discover however it also means you most likely will never meet anyone else in the game (even though you can't see them in-game either). Now before you go crazy on me demanding why I expected so much from this game I ran across a list of what is "technically missing". The fact that Hello Games stated these as being part of the game (which did include MP when announced back in 2013) but has since then either not added them, plan to add them as PAID DLC (that people had been told was going to be free), or have just flat-out removed them from the game.

The list is as follows:

  •    planetary physics
  •    ship classes with meaningful differentiation
  •    faction reputation with meaningful gameplay impact
  •    homogenous resource availability
  •    asteroid landings
  •    space station and fleet destruction
  •    large fleets
  •    traveling freighters
  •    large-scale battles the player can join
  •    in-atmosphere battles
  •    NPCs outside trading posts and other docks
  •    ringed planets
  •    sand planets
  •    flying between stars (as opposed to warping via the Galactic interface)
  •    complex creature behaviour including environmental interaction
  •    rivers
  •    points of interest such as large structures and crashed freighters
  •    hacking locked doors
  •    radio chatter
  •    interaction with other players

Thanks to the reddit poster Cymen90 for the hard work getting this list around.

Now are some of these "lackings" harsh, yes. Will some of them be fixed in patches, maybe. We know that Hello Games wants to milk the game with paid DLC as of their latest interview, but yes some should be included in DLC's. Are some of these also rather nitpicky or not that important, sure.

In the end the issue with the game isn't that its a terrible game that no one should play, It's the fact that statements were made, never contradicted, and also never verbally corrected by anyone from Hello Games. The lacking parts of the game may return but with paid DLC being thrown into the ring it seems very shady to make people pay 60 for parts of what was promised and then make them pay more for the rest of the promised goods.

Now you can have an opinion about the game, the developers, the fans, and the haters. Opinions are okay and they help shape what we like, dislike, and what we think is fair. At the end of the day I'm not concerned about how good the game is in gameplay or graphics. At the end of the day I'm concerned about Hello Games. Did they bite off more than they could chew? There were many delays to the game and the vision seems different today than it did at the beginning. Will they be able to recover the fan base they lost with previous statements? Will they address their lack of features and things stated as "forthcoming". Or did the thrill of the Sony publishing and "AAA title" advertising scare them into a different game than they hoped to produce?


In the end it's bad for the entire gaming industry. People expected Star Citizen to NOT live up to the hype it brought and miss a lot of features and things that they promised. No one expected No Man's Sky to do that. Their lack of communication which could be their small "indie dev" status was unprofessional. The game will do well but in the end it will always have a bitter taste in some people's mouths who feel cheated out of a glorious gaming experience.

I think the best way to sum up all of my feelings about this game is with one last video...enjoy. ;)